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A successful move may include many additional tasks, some of which you may not even have considered yet.

Valet Service

Unpacking and setting up your new home is not an easy task, often causing stress and strain. Our valet service is the perfect solution, enabling you to get on with more important things by helping to quickly reestablish the home environment.

AMG can provide trained and professional valet assistants to unpack cartons, clean your belongings and place them into freshly wiped cupboards. Clothing is expertly placed into wardrobes and beds are made up with fresh linen. Books are arranged onto bookshelves and crystal and silverware sensibly sorted into buffets and wall units.

All packing materials are folded and stacked carefully for our collection. We’ll even include fresh flowers to help you relax and enjoy your new home.

You may wish to engage our valet service for a specified period or to perform a selected range of tasks. Your AMG moving consultant will be able to advise you on the range of options and provide you with a written quotation.

House Cleaning

Once the moving vehicle is loaded ready to drive to your new home, one of the last things you’re likely to want to do is to clean the empty house. We can arrange a full house clean, including window, oven and carpet cleaning.

This can be timed to commence as the last items are being moved out.

Vehicle and Motorcycle Transportation

If you are moving a long distance, we can organise safe and effective transportation of your motor vehicle or motorcycle. For prestige high value vehicles we provide a deluxe service offering fully enclosed protection.

Pet Transportation and Boarding

We have not forgotten about these other very important members of your family. Our pet transportation service includes collecting your pets from your home and transporting them to your final destination anywhere in Australia or around the world, telephone access to a registered veterinarian, and assistance with quarantine requirements. We can also arrange for your pets to be boarded until you are ready to welcome them to your new home.

Other Services

Services such as caravan and boat transportation, billiard table dismantling and waterbed services can all be arranged professionally and with a minimum of fuss.

Your AMG Moving Consultant will be pleased to assist you with any special needs you may have.